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In the small town of Hillview, teenage hoverboarders sneak into other dimensions to explore, film tricks, go viral, and get away from the problems at home. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. It’s got parent groups in a panic. And it’s the coolest thing ever.

This is Slugblaster. A table-top rpg about teenagehood, giant bugs, circuit-bent rayguns, and trying to be cool.

Who are you going to be? A sassy rich kid with a pair of modified time-skipping Scram Cat® sneakers? A chill loser with a lovable robot sidekick? An ultra-dimensional princess with a hoverboard made from pure light? 

What are you going to do? Will you blow off school and sesh the abandoned mall in Vastiche? Get the Miper sponsorship by speed-running Prismatia? Salvage power crystals from the mossy decommissioned gundam in The Golden Jungle?  Sneak into the hottest party in Operaeblum?

But be careful! Make sure you get home before the demiplane melts, or the bloodwhip swarm sucks your marrow out, or  your mom finds out where you've been and sends you away to a camp for troubled youths 

Slugblaster uses a stripped-down Forged in the Dark system, lovingly designed to support: 

  • Collaborative, player-driven sandbox campaigns and free-form cinematic action.
  • Looking cool and doing tricks! Pop your gum in slow-mo while you do a 1080 over jets of slime.
  • Gear-hacking and component-collecting. 
  • Fame and popularity! Get fans, earn sponsorships, wear a t-shirt with your face on it.
  • Narrative downtime arcs, where you buy scene prompts with points you earn during your adventures. 
  • Dramatic, push-your-luck, third-act disasters. 
  • Really dope chases.

  • Sci-fi adventure like Big Hero 6, Paper Girls, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the Spider-Verse movies.
  • Coming-of-age stories like Eighth Grade, The Edge of Seventeen, and A Goofy Movie.
  • Stuff about skateboarding like Skate Kitchen, Mid90s, or Lords of Dogtown.
  • Saturday morning programming like Ben 10, Earthworm Jim, Cyberchase, Power Rangers, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  • Anime like SK8 the Infinity, FLCL, Eizouken, Sarazanmai, and Paprika.
  • Video games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Jet Set Radio Future, OlliOlli World, and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
  • The way the bug aliens exploded into slime in Men in Black. Remember how cool that was?

Winner of the Indie Groundbreaker's Game of the Year

Nominated by the Indie Groundbreaker's for Best Art

Nominated by the ENNIES for Best Game

Awarded Tabletop Gaming's "Must Play" Badge

Listed as one of Gizmodo's Top 20 TTRPGS of 2022

"Just read through SLUGBLASTER, and wow it is fantastic! Highly, highly recommended." —John Harper, designer of Blades in the Dark

"I have never had more fun reading a game manual." — Sam Leigh of @GoblinMixtape

"It made me feel 20 years younger and a thousand years old at the same time." — Chris Lowry in Tabletop Gaming

“A combination of all the elements that make a game unique and readable and playable and beautiful and innovative and evocative and... fun?” — Alex Sprague, IGDN Events Coordinator

Mythworks is doing a deluxe hardcover print of Slugblaster, complete with poster-sized maps, custom dice, GM screen, and tons of rad swag! 

Pre-Order the Game of the Year Edition Now!


Buy Now
On Sale!
20% Off
$20.00 $16.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $16 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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If I buy it and it gets updated, will I get the updated version?

Yep. Always.

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curious...does this version of the game (and the version on drivethrurpg) contain the solo rules as well?

Not yet, but it will when I do the next file update (aprox a month from now)!

ah, ok. Thanks!

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I just pre-ordered the pizza box and am like, totally stoked to play! Can’t wait to get it. It was a bit of a downer that I missed the fact that the pre-order didn’t include the PDFs.

It would be so rad if the PDFs could added. Can it be done? 🤞


Please email a picture of a cute animal to mikeyhamm@gmail.com.  A Wilkie's representative will be in touch. 


Hiii, Just got my pdf, and I've skimmed through and it looks AWESOME. quick question, when it says "you'll sit down with 2 to 4 players," does that mean minimum player count is 2, or 2 + GM?

Thanks so much for an awesome game regardless! 


Hi! So glad you're enjoying it! 

That was meant to be 2+GM, which is my recommended minimum, although I know of people who've still had fun playing 1+GM, too! (And we even have some SOLO rules being developed for a future update!)


OMG really?! Hope it allows for solo crew play! I have been looking for games that allow parties solo.


Just bought the game and am so excited to play it! Wondering if there's an online character keeper for it?


Hi! Yes, there are a couple made by the community! Links in the #resources channel of the discord!


I got the pdf and looks great. Where do I get a physical copy?


They're all sold out, but we're doing a second printing later this summer. Stay tuned!


Can we get on an email list or something? Glad I checked! Bought the PDF a week ago, super stoked to run this game for my group.


Yep! We just got the pre-launch page up! Go to http://slugblaster.com/ and you can get on the email list. 


Update: You can pre-order the new print now! Shipping summer 2024 :)http://slugblaster.com/ 


I wanna start off by saying awesome game. I caught this looking through the ennies and I can definitely see why it's been nominated for Best Game. Pretty rad read.
Though, I have no idea if this is only for me or what, but for some reason my PDF is missing critical parts of the text. (2/3rds of all character info, almost all faction text, etc.) It's still there, it's just invisible or something and weirdly consistent. How do I fix this? The smaller PDF was the same.

Ah that's no good! K, similar things have happened to a couple people using certain pdf readers. Check if your reader needs an update, or check it in another reader/browser and let me know! I'm trying to figure out why this happens. PDF's are weird. 

But I'm so glad you're enjoying it! That makes me really happy. 

Changed where I was viewing it from and it did the trick. Thanks!
If it's any help, I noticed that if I scrolled by before it finished loading a page, the problem text in question seems to load in separately. from everything else on the page. It'd pop in unlike other pages where the text is just blurry while it loads.

Glad it worked! And thanks! Helpful data.


Just waiting for them community copies.

(1 edit) (+2)

Great idea! Community copies added. I'll also do a sale while I'm at it. 

Will there be another printing of the physical books?

There will! Mythworks is doing a big second printing pre-sale this summer, so stay tuned!

definitely hoping to snag one this time around

(1 edit)

hi. I want to check the status of my physical copy. I’m not sure how I get an update or check this

(2 edits)

Hi Simon! Thanks for checking in! I'll check the manifest and email ya!



Just bought this because (a) it's rad, and (b) it's awesome! I heard that there might be an upcoming reprint coming, and was wondering if there will be changed and/or new content in the new edition? Thanks!

No changes to the book anticipated, but there is likely some new content coming in other forms!

Hi again! I am considering getting the hardcover version -- are there any changes from the paperback version? For example, I see there are solo rules being developed, will those be in the hardcover but not the paperback edition? Thanks!

Hi Benji! Changes in the hardcover/GotY Edtion are: 1) solo rules, 2) one additional fake ad 3) 6 extra pages of art 4) a reworked Attitude ability for The Smarts 5) minor typo fixes. The extra art is from the awesome poster-maps we made for the GotY box edition. 

All extra content will also be in the 1.3 update to the PDF, which previous owners get free. :)

Ah, such a temptation then! I'll check if my FLGS will order it and support a fellow Canadian -- I can absolutely do with another (real) fake ad! 

And thank you!! So happy you're enjoying it. 


Is there any way for us mere mortals who missed the kickstarter to get our hands on The Book of Slime? Or is that lost to the ages?


Still in the works, but will definitely be available to all. 


Have recently fallen in love with this setting; never thought Id want to kickflip within wormholes but, here we are...

Deleted post

Thanks Phill! Will reach out!

Hi, I just wanted to check the status of the premium box set I ordered a month ago.

I’m in Australia, so long shipping times are pretty normal, but I still haven’t received a tracking code or anything beyond the initial confirmation email yet. I just wanted to make sure my order hasn’t been lost in the mix.

Super excited to get my hands on this, it looks really cool! :)

Hi! Yeah shipping times from me to you are 4-12 weeks. *sob* 

Email me (mikeyhamm@gmail.com) with your full name and I'll check to make sure yours was shipped!


should I have bought this right before a major move no? Did I buy it anyway and stay up for hours reading it? Absolutely. This game is a fever dream brought to life in the best way. Everything about it is amazing. The vibes, the writing and the art all mesh together perfectly to form this amazing work of art


Can you play solo?


It's not specifically designed for solo play, although there are some members of the community working on solo modules!

(2 edits) (+5)

The take on FitD structure is evolved . The art is great. The writing is excellent. I bought the digital and just bought a physical copy cuz, man it is pretty. It's a fun game.

(1 edit) (+15)

Slugblaster is not just a funny and engaging read. It is not just packed with glitched and cartoony art that fits the tone of the game, and it is not just so well laid out that each page is a pleasure to look at. On top of all of this and more, Slugblaster absolutely nails it's pitch with every part of the game. 

There are no wasted words in Slugblaster. There is no page that isn't informative or gorgeous, and no rule that gets in the way of the greater narrative experience. This isn't a game, it's a gift. A gift you should give to yourself and your friends. You won't regret it.


Don't make me cry via an itch review, please.