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In a small frontier town, young riders sneak into a wondrous realm on their magical horses to explore, be free, and discover the power of friendship.

This is Pastel Horses. 

In the small frontier town you're growing up in, the winters are harsh and gray, the summers are hot and dusty, and life is about hard work and cold porridge. But down in Buttercream Coulee is a strange horse trail. A trail only you seem to know about. A trail into a wondrous, magical realm, where the grass is blue and the breeze is warm and you and your horses can run free. 

Who Are You?

Are you a daring cowgirl with a stubborn mustang? An easy-going farmhand with a goofy appaloosa? A curious greenhorn with a nervous arabian? You and your friends will mix and match elements to create your little group of tweenage riders. 

What Will You Do?

Will you skip your chores to explore dark, magical briars? Drink from a stream with a flock of winged deer? Help a lost cub find its family? Draw out the shyfolk with the power of song? Go fishing? Race wild pastel horses across rolling hills of velvet grass? 


  • Based on Slugblaster Turbo, and uses an ultra-light version of Forged in the Dark engine. 
  • Designed for a one-shot including epilogue rules to bring your story to a satisfying end. (Could work for short campaigns as well, just reset boost dice and horse powers between adventurers)
  • Five pre-teen rider playbooks and five magical horses for players to mix and match. Each horse doubles as a coloring page. Make sure you put some pencil crayons on the table!
  • Two GM pages with NPCs, locations, encounters, hooks, and problem tables. 

Touchstones & Influences

  • Hilda
  • Spirit: Riding Free
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • Narnia
  • Horses Are Magic! by Izzy Marsh


This is a beta, with placeholder art and some temporary layout elements.  I made this over the holidays as a little creative break, inspired by some of the stuff I was watching with my daughter. I'll collect feedback and consider a more official release. If you are an illustrator who does horses, contact me.


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Very cool game! (Love all the horse illustrations.) One question - what are the sections with "tbd" in them? Or what are they standing in for? Pictures? Possible extra rules?

Great question! Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I wanted to save myself a little space for if/when I return to polish this little game up, in case playtesters had feedback that required some changes or additions!


Makes sense! I look forward to updates in the future!